It’s not magic, it’s mechanics.

Rescuing businesses held hostage by their marketing workflows.


Guided Generation

Our innovative software empowers businesses and entrepreneurs who struggle to find the right words for their marketing. With guided prompts, we take the guesswork out of developing exactly what you need to execute your marketing well.


AI-powered Tools

Our suite of 30+ AI-powered tools work behind the scenes, leveraging our proprietary knowledge base, culturally relevant model training, and prompt engineering to generate high-quality marketing materials that resonate with your target audience.


Human Support

We know you don’t have the words, and definitely don’t have the time to constantly articulate your brand’s voice and messaging to new team members. Our pro tools equip marketers, designers, and copywriters with everything they need to work faster and decrease revisions.


If you're ready to stop leaving money on the table, it's time to hire CopyHero.

Our Plans

Choose The Tier That Meets Your Unique Needs


Unlock advanced features and priority support.

  • Access to Brand Foundation Tools
  • Access to expert done-for-you assistance when you need it
  • Pay-per-project pricing based on scope and complexity

Access for busy agencies and service providers charged every 3 months

  • Flat monthly fee for access to the entire suite of Pro tools
  • Use the tools to accelerate your client workflow
  • Generate marketing messaging, copywriting, and strategy

Customizable solutions for large projects and dedicated support.

  • One flat fee for unlimited requests completed by our team
  • Access to the entire suite of tools and deliverables
  • Strategy, messaging, and copy by vetted in-house experts

Full Service

We’re merging the best of both worlds.

Combining the speed of Ai with human expertise.

Say goodbye to the frustration of endless revisions, constant tweaking, and guesswork. Currently Ai tools feel amateurish, DIY is time-consuming, and consultants can be slow and expensive. We bring a comprehensive and concierge approach to marketing. For a single flat fee, you can submit an unlimited number of requests to be completed by us. This tier is ideal for those who prefer a hands-off approach and want expert assistance with executing their marketing initiatives. With Copy Hero’s Full Service Tier, you can confidently delegate your marketing to our in-house team of vetted experts.



Artificial intelligence can help a small business' marketing efforts by automating repetitive tasks, providing detailed analytics, predicting customer behavior, and personalizing marketing messages. This helps save time, effort, and resources, leading to better results.

An AI-powered marketing agency for small businesses uses artificial intelligence tools to plan and manage various marketing strategies and tasks. Our proprietary tools can analyze data, predict trends, and automate certain tasks, making our agency faster and more affordable than the traditional agency.

Not necessarily, AI-powered marketing agencies are designed to complement and enhance the work of a traditional marketing team, and not replace it. While AI can handle data-driven tasks with efficiency, the creative and strategic aspects of marketing still require human input.

We offer a range of services including copywriting, content creation, email marketing, marketing strategies, campaign development, and campaign analytics. The specifics will vary based on the needs of the business and can be paid on a per-deliverable basis.

Copy Hero offers a user-friendly interface and AI-powered software that combines the speed of Ai with a proprietary marketing knowledge base. You don’t need to be a prompting expert to use one of the 35+ tools we have developed for the everyday small business owner.